Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upcoming "BEST OF" Episode?

Thinking about collating a clip show BEST OF episode. Any favorite moments from the past that I should include?

I think this will be a great way to get new listeners interested and to have a starting point rather than the first super-old episode. :)

Please reply below or you can reply to our Twitter or the Fur Affinity journal. Thanks so much for your continued support and listener-ship! To our new listeners: WELCOME!

19 - UberQuest

The creators of the popular webcomic UberQuest (Skidd and Phuufy) talk to us about starting a webcomic, making a living wage off of your life's passion, Skidd's dark past in the Sonic fandom and their children expel loud grunting noises.

UberQuest Home Page

UberQuest Kickstarter!
UberQuest @ Patreon


Skidd @ FA
Skidd @ Tumblr
Skidd @ YouTube
Phuufy @ FA
Phuufy @ Tumblr