PORTZEBIE is a furry cartoonist who works mainly in digital mediums and often illustrates furotica. He also occasionally composes electronic music, voice acts and makes silly YouTube videos.

He found out about the fandom in early 2004 and lurked VCL until finding Fur Affinity in 2006. He joined the site in 2007 and started posting artwork and continues to do so to this day. Portzebie has drawn two banners for Fur Affinity and has contributed artwork to several publications, including North American Fur and a handful of graphic novels.

LUNA STARBRIGHT is a frequent guest/co-host on PORTZcast. She's a talented furry cartoonist, cosplayer, hobbyist fursuit maker and all-around crafty lady. She is a part of the Painting Dogs Patreon group and she's also Portz's wife! Wowie!

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SASHA DARKCLOUD was the co-host on PORTZcast for the first eleven episodes. She loves manga, caffeine, My Little Pony and Disney movies. She has voice acted in numerous productions on YouTube and Fur Affinity and has also delved into writing and drawing.

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